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Welcome to EN EDRI Salon,

an intriguing oasis of beauty and art created by celebrity hair stylists Eran and Natalie Edri. Here, you can pamper your hair, face, and nails in a compelling setting and have an opportunity to discover art in different forms. 


EN EDRI is a full service salon for men and women. We base our work on integral approach that considers your skin and eye color, as well as your profession and desired hair and makeup look, bringing an image-making component into our service. 


Our salon offers a comfortable price range and a variety of products, from economy to luxury to organic, all designed to match each client’s needs perfectly. We provide a detailed professional consultation to ensure gorgeous results, and use only the safest procedures to maximize the health of your hair and lashes.


Whether you need just the right hairstyle for a special occasion or an editorial/artsy look to match a creative endeavor, you are at the right spot! United by hair art, Natalie and Eran have participated in many major fashion shows in New York, collaborated with multiple elite clothing designers such as Gou Pei, Mackage, Carmen Marc Valvo, Helmunt Lang and created hair styles featured on the pages of Italian Vogue, Glamour, and other top magazines. Natalie and Eran regularly work on movie sets and creative projects in Miami, New York, Israel, and South Africa. Their creativity doesn’t stop there, as they’ve also applied their talents to jewelry, and now in EN EDRI you can check out the unique Bohemian Chic collection created by the couple. 


We also love art at EN EDRI, so we’ve incorporated fine art into the design of our salon; if you didn’t know any better, you could easily think you were walking into an amazing little gallery. Of course, our collection of fine art is also available for purchase, so please feel free to choose which piece resonates with you, whether as a great addition to your home or a special gift for a loved one!


We want our clients to feel a warm, at-home atmosphere of tranquility and ease, a sense of belonging balanced by that spark of seeing something new and exciting among our consistently updating collection of fine art and one of a kind fashion pieces, all available for you to add to your collection.


We had a vision for this place to have an eclectic touch of exotic adventures, and that’s why we brought many original furniture and decor pieces from our travels around the globe. Here, you can escape the race of life,  relax, and discover new fine art, jewelry, and fashion, while getting a world class hair styling, all building towards that magic moment when we complete your unique look and turn you to the mirror as you see a smile of confidence wash over your face. It’s these moments that inspire us in everything we do!

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PHONE: 1 (305) 397-8909

NATALIE: 1 (646) 301-9446

ERAN: 1 (917) 478-1111




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